Monday, August 19, 2013

Japanese garden, again

A return (in photographs) this morning to an earlier visit to the Kurimoto Japanese Garden. (You'll remember the bonsai from a week ago). The stairs lead to the bell, below.

The view from above, looking down the stairs.

It really is a peaceful spot to wander through, to sit and admire the various vistas. Whenever we're out there in the summer I always say I'm going to come back alone in the fall, and just sit in the Japanese garden and write in a notebook. I never yet have.

Today, I return to my usual work schedule. Rob is travelling down south to the family farm where his father grew up, to attend the funeral of his uncle.

I know of several people who've had weddings out at these gardens. A beautiful setting for photographs. And the day we were there, people were gathering for what seemed to be a memorial service in another of the gardens at the Devonian. I can't imagine a more peaceful spot than the Japanese garden to reflect on someone's life and their passing.

I have photos of Chloe most summers, taken out at this garden. It was lovely this year, to linger, to absorb the mood of the place. To enjoy the reflections in the water. Very soothing for us all.


  1. El jardín es una belleza!!!.Parece un sueño!
    Preciosas las fotografías!
    Abrazos desde Argentina.

  2. What a stunning garden. I can surely see why you revisit it. I have found that some of the most tranquil gardens are Japanese gardens. They just produce this calming aura that is irresistible to leave.

  3. How beautiful this garden is! Thank you for sharing!


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