Sunday, August 4, 2013

that light falls and fills

The ending of Theodore Roethke's poem The Shape of the Fire:

To have the whole air!—
The light, the full sun
Coming down on the flowerheads,
The tendrils turning slowly,
A slow snail-lifting, liquescent;
To be by the rose
Rising slowly out of its bed,
Still as a child in its first loneliness;
To see cyclamen veins become clearer in early sunlight,
And mist lifting out of the brown cat-tails;
To stare into the after-light, the glitter left on the lake’s surface,
When the sun has fallen behind a wooded island;
To follow the drops sliding from a lifted oar,
Held up, while the rower breathes, and the small boat drifts quietly shoreward;
To know that light falls and fills, often without our knowing,
As an opaque vase fills to the brim from a quick pouring,
Fills and trembles at the edge yet does not flow over,
Still holding and feeding the stem of the contained flower.

A few nights ago went out with Rob and Chloe to a closed road near here to take some photos of her. We've often gone for a walk down this road - and it's a good setting for photos. One of the photos I took made it onto Flickr's Explore this morning.

The photos in this post were taken down the same road.

A work day for me today, so I'll leave you here, wishing you a lovely Sunday.....and as usual, wishing you all calm things.

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