Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the abundance

 Oh the abundance of an August morning!

The neighbour's flowers are taller than the fence between us now, and when the sun rises, they're quite lovely with the orange and pinks behind them.

The flower pot hanging from our vine covered partition has been subsumed by the the Virginia creeper,  but the red petunias, I thought, looked rather sweet in front of the shots of red from the Evan's cherry tree.

We picked the cherry tree yesterday, and spent several hours washing, pitting, freezing. The crop, I'm happy to say, was about a quarter of what it was last year. We have enough for several pies, etc. And that's plenty. Last year it was a bit overwhelming. 

So. This morning. Listening to: Why Does it Always Rain on Me, by Travis. Which was played in a wonderful scene in William and Mary which we watched last night. The Martin Clunes - fest continues. 

Reading: this article about the poet Fanny Howe

Drinking, a ton of coffee. Playing around with photographs. The usual. 

Everyday a new poppy - thankful for having thrown a packet of seeds into a pot earlier this summer.

The tea roses still blooming, and fading so beautifully.

I won't apologize for the endless zinnia photos I keep posting, will I?

Front yard light, roses. No apologies here either. It wasn't so long ago this part of the garden was buried in 5 feet of snow. Not even kidding. And it will be again before we know it.

And, well, let's end on a sandwich. We've been going to the Italian Centre quite often lately for their bread, meat, comfort food. So glad they opened a store in the west end, near our house.


  1. wow, they opened a store in the west end now too? I've loved the Italian Centre all my life. We began going there when I was a little girl, then I continued to go as I was on my own, then when I moved up north it was a regular stop for picking up 'supplies' to take back up to the frozen north. Fond, fond memories attached to that store -- to the entire neighbourhood really. You're sounding well.

    1. Thanks Diane - feeling much better :) And yes - the new store is lovely. Not quite the ambiance of the original one, but all the same good stuff.

  2. Love these shots, as always, the light is exuberant. "Everyday a new poppy" love that shot particularly.

  3. I am behind in my reading, so thought I would start at today rather than a few weeks ago. Glad I did. Amazing how the light, the flowers, the music and poetry, as well as a great sandwich can add up to the perfect day. Thanks!

  4. Yes, it has been a very abundant Summer: I have never seen the Sun so many times on a Summer since I live in France!
    Also, the New Moon yesterday brought this amazing creative energy that has compelled me to paint like a mad woman(3 big paintings in 2 days + a notebook journal)and write french poems...again.
    I'm exhausted but loving it!
    We also had so many cherries and raspberries, can't wait for figs. I love figs so much; they smell like Summer remnants and Autumn treasures :)


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