Thursday, August 22, 2013

when everything becomes so dangerous

"Ah! there are certain days when everything becomes so dangerous. But the typewriter goes faster than my fingers. The typewriter writes inside me. And I have no secrets apart from mortal ones." 

- Clarice Lispector

"Increasingly I find that it is all a matter of patience, of love begetting patience, of patience begetting love."

- Clarice Lispector

It is nearly September. Nearly time to begin typing again......


  1. As a writer as well, I am natural drawn to typewriters, both aesthetically and the purpose for which they serve - to sway with words.

  2. when I saw these on Flickr they really made me smile. I love that you now have a collection. See that one on the bottom in this last photo? I had one like that but mine was nearly the exact colour of your aqua one. I've always deeply regretted selling it. I needed the money at the time but should really have thought it through more carefully. So pleased you are soon to be 'typing' again.


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