Tuesday, September 17, 2013


It's Tuesday, but I'm thinking of the past weekend, the weekend to come. I work at the library about every third weekend, which is okay in some ways. When I do get the weekend shift, that means I have a bit more writing time the same week. And then, I really do savour the days when I have them. The usual rituals of taking our daughter out to practice her driving early Sunday morning, running a few pleasant errands, and then, the grocery shopping, the cooking, the cleaning. Yes, I even tend to be happy about the cleaning - just to be able to do it and have it done for the week without rushing around and feeling completely exhausted before then going in to work.

We sat in the yard for a bit, and Rob had done phase one of the yard clean-up - getting rid of the dead stuff.

I decided to make tomato conserva - slow roasted tomatoes, sprinkled with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and fresh thyme. I posted them on my Pinterest page, for those interested in a recipe.

They roasted away all afternoon, and later in the day we had some cheap champagne which was really good and fizzy and dry.

We sat at the kitchen table with our various notebooks, and books and sipped a little of this fizzy magic. Rob was reading one on wabi-sabi, and I was reading poetry. My chair had the view of Rob's latest painting, a pinky, orangey, lovely poppy. A smaller painting for him and just so wonderful. I love the juicy colours, as he would call them.

So this is what the tomatoes look like closer to the end of roasting.

I used some for the spaghetti we were having for dinner, and saved the rest in jars for later.

We noticed the leaves turning on our Virginia creeper vine - which had one of its best years ever. I love this vine, because I can sit in the space in front of it and be completely hidden from all the neighbours.

And amid all the other stuff, spent some time soaking in that golden light that is so specific to this time of year....

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  1. so lovely shawna.
    almost like getting to share a bit of the afternoon with you.
    wabi sabi is one of my favorite . . .
    couldn't think of what i want to call it . . .
    way of looking at life? way to live?
    like the furniture your husband collected always and that now graces your home.
    just the simpleness ~ i like that word better than simplicity ~ like the simpleness of the roasted tomatoes and the cheap fizzy delicious wine.
    did i say lovely?


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