Saturday, October 5, 2013

the season of the soul

Let’s go and get drunk on light again – it has the power to console.

- Georges Seurat

Notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of Nature.

- Friedrich Nietzsche 

If I do nothing, if I study nothing, if I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it— keep going, keep going come what may.

- Vincent Van Gogh

Things I needed to hear this morning:

Keep going come what may. Keep going, keep going, keep going.

Get drunk on light.

Look for calm in this, the season of the soul.

Yesterday, frost. Which outlines those flowers that are left with a sugary magic.

These are from a neighbours' front yard:

And this is the rosebush from the hedge that leads out to my walking path:

Returning home, I lifted the poppy off the ground where it had sunk, and took a photo. 

A petal had dropped off from another poppy. And I had found a lovely frosty leaf on my walk, that paired well with it. They seemed like wings from some poor mismatched angel. I placed them on the front step.


  1. Oh what delightful frosty images. Your photos are always so enchanting.

  2. Yes, dear Shawna, your photos and thoughts are like sugary magic and sometimes just magic when I open the computer feeling tired or frustrated or just needing a pick me up.
    I haven't commented in a long time, not really since I saw another response one day by someone with my name. It was such a surprise to me I wondered to myself...hmm when did I write that?
    I feel so nurtured after my visits to your blog. Thank you so much for the sharing. You are a beautiful soul.

    1. Edna, thanks for your lovely words and for coming by here. Makes me very happy to hear :)


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