Thursday, October 31, 2013

the startling reality of things

The startling reality of things
Is my discovery every single day.
Every thing is what it is,
And it is hard to explain it to anyone how much this delights me
And suffices me.

To be whole, it is enough simply to exist.

- Fernando Pessoa

A small round-up of places I've lately been visiting on the web:


"It lies in the power of art to honour the elusive but real value of ordinary life. It can teach us to be more just towards ourselves as we endeavour to make the best of our circumstances: a job we do not always love, the imperfections of middle-age, our frustrated ambitions and our attempts to stay loyal to irritable but loved spouses. Art can do the opposite of glamorising the unattainable; it can reawaken us to the genuine merit of life as we’re forced to lead it."

- from an article by Alain de Botton titled "Art Can Be Good For You" on the Tate site

Food Blog I'm becoming addicted to: Pinch of Yum.

The photographs and recipes are great - very pinnable. But what's also interesting about this blog is the way they share how-tos and also information about their blog income. Behind the scenes stuff. Almost makes me want to start up a food blog. I can tell you I don't make a dime from Calm Things but I admire those who know how to make this internet thing work for them. 


My favourite things, played by Stephen Hough


This interview with the poet, Jane Hirshfield.

"Every existing person or thing will carry exactly what they’re given to bear. Sometimes it’s terror, sometimes it’s flour. Whatever it is, you have to let it in. The top of the measuring cup is lidless."

Need to visit again:

The Emily Dickinson Archive

These are photos from last week before the snow on a very grey day. The colour being drained from the world where before it had been so green and vibrant. I'm already developing my winter squint. Am remembering again my love for the minimal, the overlooked, the curled up, the drab.


  1. jerrylapp@gmail.comNovember 1, 2013 at 5:13 AM

    Your photos are a never ending, and enduring fascination with and desire for composition, on your part, it appears to me. You never write about that aspect. Continue composing. It is a strength and it is my gain that you share these compositions. Jerry

    1. Thank you, Jerry. Such a thoughtful observation. And thanks for the comment.


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