Thursday, November 28, 2013

dogs are people, too

I loved the conclusion made by the scientist who trained dogs to undergo an MRI without anesthesia: dogs are people, too. You may have seen the article as it was going around on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't agree more.

Yesterday, I have no real idea why, it struck me that it would be nice to have photographs of our pup sitting on various chairs and couches. The thing is, he's not generally allowed up on these chairs. He has his one piece of furniture, in the front window, covered with a blanket, which is his. He can lie in the front window and watch the world go by. Once in a while he pops up onto the big couch in the living room but this is rare. He's never actually attempted to jump up onto any of the rest of the furniture. So, when I asked him to, oh, the looks I got! Here he is, above and below, on the chair in my study. His ears a little flatter than usual, his look a mix of guilt, and "are you crazy, you really want me to do this?"

Next we trotted into the family room where I had him leap into the chair that Rob usually sits in. Odd lighting with the window in the back, but now he's quite certain I've gone mad, and is slightly worried  about where this project is going, and what it might mean for his wellbeing, and of course, mine.

Well, sure, he's been on this couch before, and nothing dire has ever happened. All is well. He looks yearningly out the front window, the job I've so cruelly taken him from.

Now we're getting slightly bored, slightly impatient. Assuming a calm and gentlemanly pose. A glance or two down at the Francis Bacon book left open on the coffee table.

A noble pose? No problem.

And lastly, the classic Ace pose. Eyebrows, just so. A bit resigned. The biscuit will soon arrive.


  1. well. a totally favorite post. since my favorite thing in all the world is 'dogs.' all dogs.
    i've never met one i didn't like. (to steal a line from w rogers). literally. i like them better than people.
    and p.s.
    you do know . . .
    NO FAIR telling him to "GET OFF" now . . . in case he gets up there again uninvited. he'll be thinking "well. it was alright yesterday. now not?" make up your mind lady. LOL.
    he is so beautiful by the way. the saddest wisest looking eyes.

  2. This is PRICELESS. The worried look: My owner has gone gaga, does she need help? Hee hee. He is so lovely. I adored this post! Made my day!

  3. I love him so much! The pictures capture his "person"ality perfectly. I could look at pictures of him all day.

  4. I love my dog and his expressions, even my fish has attitude! Thank you for sharing him with us-he is gorgeous! I know he reaped his rewards and huge praise~

  5. Ace looks so guilty! He's such a great guy.

    I listened to the interview with the fellow who did the study and MRIs. So interesting.


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