Thursday, November 21, 2013

poems would be easy

"Poems would be easy if our heads weren't so full of the day's clatter.
The task is to get through to the other side, where we can hear the
deep rhythms that connects us with the stars and the tides."

- Stanley Kunitz, Collected Poems

I found the above lines in a book called, The Pen and the Bell: Mindful Writing in a Busy World. A combination of thoughts on writing, meditation, developing a practice, and writing exercises, the book is a dialogue between two writers - Brenda Miller and Holly J. Hughes. The physical format of the book is small, square-ish - very pleasing. You might tuck it into a bag and read a section at a time, on the bus, at a cafe.

Also from the same book:

"The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." 

- William Morris

What I'm taking an interest in lately is snow. The way it clings to things, the way it falls. It can only hang on so long though. The sun will come out, the wind will cause it to reconvene, resettle.

I'm taking an interest in these leaves you might remember from an earlier blog post, an earlier season.

And I'm taking an interest in green - which seems magically out of place, and yet there it was, still vibrant, defiantly so.

Whenever I walk by this particular house, I have to take an interest in their bird feeder, which usually has many birds gathered around. Our walking by is enough to startle. Send them from their task.

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  1. LOVELY post and wonderful photos.l I adore people who feed birds and do so myself, all year round.


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