Wednesday, December 4, 2013

finding the world good

What Things Want

by Robert Bly

You have to let things
Occupy their own space.
This room is small,
But the green settee

Likes to be here.
The big marsh reeds,
Crowding out the slough,
Find the world good.

You have to let things
Be as they are.
Who knows which of us
Deserves the world more?

And I think this is a good message, for me, to hear at this time of year. To let things be as they are. People, too. And to find the world good, exactly as it is.

Yesterday, I did spend a great deal of the day at the kitchen table, away from the computer. I baked a cinnamon loaf (should have put more cinnamon in it....) I drank some green tea. I read old favourite books of poetry. Favourite poems. Wendell Berry and William Stafford. Robert Bly. And then it was time to head off to work for the evening shift at the library.

Recently we watched a really beautiful movie (taken out from the library) called, Shun Li and the Poet. I keep thinking about it.

It's been snowing for days. And not that lovely picturesque snow, but the hard, small kind, that doesn't really stick to things. The windchill is brutal - not nice to walk in at all. The sky has been grey, the house dim, and the daylight hours are of course, quite short. Usually, my camera is full of photos of something or other, but these days, I'm lucky to get a few that aren't completely awful. And so, today, it is cake, all cake. With a bit of tea pot bokeh. As Bly has said, you have to let things be as they are....


  1. beautiful poem, and "delicious" photographs :)
    I love winter, the colours, cold days, and the calm in them, but, when the weather is not nice, I always think about people who haven't a warm place to stay, and it isn't the same thing

    best regards! :)

  2. Thank you for the Robert Bly poem Shawna. Sometimes we need an all cake day.

  3. True that, Stephen. :)

    And Lena - yes. I spent some of my library shift directing people to shelters, etc. Hard for them.

  4. You do the Good Work, dear friend . . .

  5. So true, and these are lovely reminders that one doesn't have to have summer light to be content. And hopefully, the cake with a bit less cinnamon than you wanted is also sufficient!


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