Friday, December 20, 2013

the power of kawaii

Yesterday a friend posted this on Facebook, and I found myself going back to the photos a couple of times just to relax. You might remember the Japanese study people were talking about last year, titled The Power of Kawaii that showed looking at cute photos of baby animals made you sharper and able to concentrate better. If looking at the two previous links didn't completely relax you and make you smile, how about this one?

Okay, so yesterday I took a pile of books and notebook upstairs to my bedroom where I have a chaise longue in front of the window and where I often write. Especially when trying to get away from the computer. It was cold outside - minus 26c or so - and the spot where Ace usually sleeps during the day was chilly - also by a window. So he came upstairs with me and found a cozy spot on our bed. He really is a great writing companion. After a while though, I couldn't resist sneaking out of the room to grab the camera.

For most of the photos he can barely keep his eyes open.

But, he's a good dog, so he's trying his best.

Nope, totally can't do it.

When we look at his paws we sometimes think he must be part bear.

At this point, he's pretending I'm not there at all.

Oh, but the sound of the shutter is rather loud. Sorry, Mr. Ace.

Uh, this is where we wrap up the session. Dude, enough, he's thinking.

Okay, okay, okay. Done. But, you know, all in the name of kawaii.

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  1. this made me smile so and so did the link... thanks!


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