Monday, December 2, 2013

the strength from fragile things


by Karin Boye

A stillness expanded, soft as sunny winter forests.
How did my will grow sure and my way obedient to me?
I carried in my hand an etched bowl of ringing glass.

Then my foot became so cautious and will not stumble.
Then my hand became so careful and will not tremble.
Then I was flooded over and carried by the strength from fragile

The pleasures of winter are abundant. One of them being the 'italic flavour' of those frosty days, as Emily Dickinson described them. Also, the stillness expands....

I become fragile in winter, more fragile. Which is possibly a strength when writing poetry.

Today there is snowing. A couple of inches fell overnight, and many more predicted to fall throughout the day today. I suppose it's easy for me to speak of the pleasures of winter because I have a 'work-at-home' day. I might venture out to the grocery store later, but that's all. I'm going to fall backward into every bit of stillness and quiet I can today.


  1. What magical photos. I retreat into home, comfort and stillness in winter, too. Like a hibernating bear. Thanks for the magical beginning to my day.

  2. Your pics are ethereal today, especially the frosted leaves.

  3. Crystal fragility. Shawna, thanks for venturing out this morning to capture winter's beauty!

  4. we're expecting the promise of snow. once again. hours of ice first of course!
    last time only the ice came here. I was so disappointed! so.
    like a child waiting impatiently for a favorite outing or a birthday . . . I can't wait!!!
    your pictures and beautiful writing here make me anticipate it with even more excitement and pleasure.


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