Monday, February 10, 2014

the light, once in

The Light of Interiors

by Kay Ryan

The light of interiors
is the admixture
of who knows how many
doors ajar, windows
casually curtained,
unblinded or opened,
oculi set into ceilings,
wells, ports, shafts,
loose fits, leaks,
and other breaches
of surface. But, in
any case, the light,
once in, bounces
toward the interior,
glancing off glassy
enamels and polishes,
softened by the scuffed
and often-handled, muffled
in carpet and toweling,
buffeted down hallways,
baffled equally
by the scatter and order
of love and failure
to an ideal and now
sourceless texture which
when mixed with silence
makes of a simple
table with flowers
an island.

And because I was shooting the light that had made its way into the interior of our house, Ace had to come over and see what I was doing. In the photo above and the one below, you can see his black legs. 

For this one, he moved aside - I'm shooting from the hallway into the kitchen so there are fridge shapes and kitchen chair shapes.

And there he is, wondering why on earth I'd want to shoot the floor rather than him. 

I complied. 

The light comes in, as Ryan says, through so many windows, through curtains and Venetian blinds. Sometimes the light is absorbed by a rather large black dog. 

And from the same day - the back screen door - which frosts up because of the constant opening and closing, letting the dog out, the dog back in.


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