Thursday, February 6, 2014

who you dream you are

"Light again, and the one who brings light!
Change the way you live!"

- Rumi


by Fernando Pessoa

Surround who you dream you are with high walls.
Then, wherever the garden can be seen
Through the iron bars of the gate,
Plant only the most cheerful flowers,
So that you'll be known as a cheerful sort.
Where it can't be seen, don't plant anything.

Lay flower beds, like other people have,
So that passing gazes can look in
At your garden as you're going to show it.
But where you're all your own and no one
Ever sees you, let wild flowers spring up
Spontaneously, and let the grass grow naturally.

Make yourself into a well-guarded
Double self, letting no one who looks in
See more than a garden of who you are - 
A showy but private garden, behind which 
The native flora brushes against the grass,
So straggly that not even you see it....

{from A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe}

We all do this to some extent, don't we? Take who we dream we are and hide this part of ourselves. I think this works quite well, so long as we get to spend enough time with who we dream we are. And so long as we don't have to spend such enormous amounts of time cultivating that showy garden.

I have 2 days off in a row from work (my penance will be to work the weekend shifts), to hang out with my dream self, to write, to think about light, to search for it.

How will you spend your day? How will I? Some possibilities:

"Be a light unto yourself," said the Buddha.

Be the dream of who you are.

Be the one who brings light.

Also, listen, as Rilke said, to the blossoms being dictated to your heart.

"But to be what I am, to live what I was meant to live, to want to sound like no one else, to yield the blossoms dictated to my heart: this is what I want - and this surely cannot be arrogance."

- Rilke

The photographs: yesterday afternoon. Light surrounding buddha and tiger lilies.

And coming through the hummingbird in my kitchen window.


  1. beautiful, images and words...I have fed my soul :)
    thank you

  2. shawna.
    what is there about light?
    how you have captured it. you may as well be among the great painters of light. the impressionists who changed the world of art for once and for all.
    these are beautiful. each one more amazing than the last.
    enjoy your little holiday dear heart. thank you for the gifts you so freely give us!
    only thing missing for me... perhaps the light shining on my ace. that beautiful blueblack face. xo

  3. thanks, Lena, and thanks, Tammy :) xo


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