Friday, February 21, 2014

winter my secret, my heaven, my delinquent palace

Winter is good - his Hoar Delights 
Italic flavor yield - 
To Intellects inebriate 
With Summer, or the World - 

Generic as a Quarry 
And hearty - as a Rose - 
Invited with asperity 
But welcome when he goes.

- Emily Dickinson 

Winter, as Christina Rossetti once said, is my secret. My heaven. My anguish.

In winter we softly search for delinquent palaces....

"I find myself still softly searching
For my Delinquent Palaces—"

– Emily Dickinson (1072)

These photographs from yesterday morning, evidence of a soul, softly searching.......


  1. hoar frost and pink light - so lovely

  2. OMG.
    for once i will try not to gush Shawna.
    how i love calm things.
    i'm gonna gush. i can feel it.
    i hope you're feeling better. get well soon dear heart.
    to walk my beloved big black dog ace ... whose heart i own simply vicariously... even when you're ill...
    well. you are a champion. even in the endless winter there... you capture beauty and light like none other.
    and no. i've not been ill. but had my own personal little crisis for a few days... so stayed off the web...
    was unbelievably sad and knocked to the darkest of grounds.
    returning shyly to the land of the light and living... i come to calm things and my soul is replenished.
    posts i've missed. words I needed even then... but didn't see. and now...
    ace's face ... sitting next to that exquisitely lovely and unique little creature that is chloe. she is your own bird of paradise! and ours... your loyal readers!
    i think this may be enough gushing for one day. especially in your weakened state. LOLOL.
    XOXO ♥
    keep on keeping on.
    we're here!

  3. Stunning pictures! The last one of the trees is my fave.

  4. Thanks so much everyone :) Tammy - love your 'gush' :) You're a breath of fresh air.


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