Friday, April 25, 2014

take heart with the day

New Every Morning

by Susan Coolidge

Every morning is a fresh beginning,
Listen my soul to the glad refrain.
And, spite of old sorrows
And older sinning,
Troubles forecasted
And possible pain,
Take heart with the day and begin again.

I think we're long overdue for a virtual coffee.

And if we were having coffee together at some point today, this is what I'd make you. Very strong coffee with a dollop of neapolitan ice cream. Just one tiny scoop. Or, maybe we'd add two.....

We'd talk about books we're reading, of course. I'd show you the huge stack of poetry books piling up in my study.

We'd talk about the movies we've recently seen. Last week we watched (on dvd) All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. I suppose it's most been talked about for being a movie with next to no dialogue, and with a single actor. And yet, it holds your attention completely. The acting is superb. Here is Redford's reaction to not being nominated for an Oscar for All Is Lost.

Interestingly, I also went to see the new Captain America movie with Chloe last weekend, and there he was again - Robert Redford as the bad guy. Talk about a completely different role.

There are other movies, too, I 'd like to talk to you about. Maybe I'd share this list I made on the library website. I'm still thinking about the Museum Hours, for example.

Maybe we'd talk about Louise Bourgeois, who said:

Art is a guarantee of sanity. That is the most important thing I have said.

and also:

"Once I was beset by anxiety but I pushed the fear away by studying the sky, determining when the moon would come out and where the sun would appear in the morning."

And I would also bring up the words by Georgia O'Keeffe, that I have under the glass on my desk:

"I've been absolutely terrified 
every moment of my life
and I've never let it keep me
from doing a single thing
that I wanted to do." 

Which is a bit like a found poem.

We'd talk about our anxieties, our fears. But also about the fresh beginning of the day. Especially the mornings, when all is new, all is new. The miracle that we can start again. That we can study the clouds, the moon, the morning light, and in doing so, push our own fears aside.

We would talk about those places where we found beauty, and I would recite again, the words by Phyllis Webb, from which I took the title of my book, Asking.

Listen. If I have known beauty
let’s say I came to it

We would sit a while in silence.

And then maybe I'd put on a little Willie Nelson for us. Just Breathe. 

When you were standing up to leave, we'd both feel like we'd only just started, and had much left to say to each other.


  1. i want two scoops please.
    and to be part of your day ... well.
    it's been grand.

  2. so wonderful..... so sweet.... so creative and poetic!!!

  3. So nice to join you here, in spirit and verse.

  4. Thanks everyone, for joining me here. :)

  5. How did you know I secretly love Neopolitan ice cream ? :) Just found your blog via Anthony Wilson...and already I am grateful for it.


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