Sunday, April 6, 2014

the eyes of the heart

It is only through the eyes of the heart that one sees rightly. All that is essential is invisible to the naked eye. 

- Antoine de Saint Exupery

All seeing, I think, is painful. Every photograph is a little sting, a hurt inflicted in its subject, but even more: every glance hurts in some way, freezing and condensing what's seen into something that it is not.

- James Elkins

We're back from our 6 days in New York, exhausted, happy, full. The re-entry is slow though, difficult, a bit dreamy, too. One ought to have a week after a vacation to process where one has been, to feel what the heart has seen, but we all know that can't happen.

We came home to the same foot of snow on our front lawn, though with luck that will be gone in the next week or so. Thoroughly enjoyed the small glimpses of spring we saw in NYC. Below are the blossoms in the entry of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (The pigeons above are on the front steps of the Met).

This one taken from the edge of Central Park:

On our last day, we walked slowly back to our hotel after spending six hours at the Met, drinking in the art, and then strolling through Central Park. The flowers had just been planted - the doorman was having an exchange about this with a passerby. 

It was the last photo I took and maybe one of my faves from the trip. 


  1. Indeed, Shawna, you have made a good journey, full, rich, inspiring, though for 6 days.
    I really liked the pictures, and the quotes as well. Thank you very much for all that.

  2. Yes, I have always believed that we do want (I might say need) that extra few days to process what our hearts have seen (what a wonderful way of putting it). Your photos are beautiful, so funny to think that flowers are blooming somewhere in the world when my world is still so white. I'm so glad to hear that you had a good vacation. You were missed, so I'm glad, too, that you're back... is that too demanding of me? :) Have a great day, I hope you get to ease back into your routine gently.

    1. Easing back gently....yes. Thank you, Leigh. I did miss my morning CT ritual...


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