Wednesday, May 21, 2014

but keep it a secret

"A poet is someone
Who can pour Light into a spoon,
Then raise it
to nourish
Your beautiful parched, holy mouth."

- Hafiz

"Start seeing everything as God,
But keep it a secret."

- Hafiz

From "On Secrets" by Mary Ruefle in her book, Madness, Rack and Honey, speaking of Emily Dickinson:

"It takes great courage to speak in fragments.
It takes great courage to speak in whole sentences.

Was spring a secret that winter carried? Of course it was.
Spring now carries the secret of winter."

I keep taking the Ruefle book off my shelf and re-reading the parts I've underlined in it. Another way to create fragments.

It's a strange thing being a writer. We write in secret, directing our small messages to an unknown future. Eventually, with luck, our work is published, and then we are asked to read aloud from what we wrote in secret several years back. Suddenly others are reading what was written in a quiet room, alone, without hope, without despair (as Karen Blixen said). Do the secrets still come through? Is there light yet in the spoon?

Well, a few photos from the weekend. Tea and cake, then.

A coconut loaf I'm rather fond of. Which is another of those things that recurs on this blog :)

Recipe here.


  1. Is there anything more wonderful than a book some tea and cake ...and a big soft chair?

  2. Well maybe some dark delicious coffee with cream..and cake and that book :)

  3. I find the Karen Blixen quote interesting. I wonder if it wasn't a sort of personal mantra as I think she struggled quite a bit with depression ("melancholia") and anxiety. Or, perhaps, writing is what anchored her from being swept away by life's tumultuous ups and downs. Something for me to think about today, anyway. Thank you!

  4. i am odd i realize. in my taste in poetry.
    when a poem is too long i seem to find the little bits that sing.
    you know... two lines maybe.
    it's the strangest feeling. then that becomes the whole poem to me. a little clear window.
    i can't explain it. and most poets would probably resent me for it.
    your images here today... this post.... are like a poem. that cake and tea cup and old books. coconut bread. YUM! better than cake actually!


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