Friday, May 2, 2014

flying on green wings

 Living Alone (III)

by Denise Levertov

I said, the summer garden I planted
bears only leaves - leaves in abundance -
but no flowers.
And then the flowers,
     many colours and forms,
     subtle, mysterious,
came forth.

I said, the tree has no buds.
And then the leaves,
     shyly, sparse, as if reluctant,
in less than two days appeared,
and the tree, now,
     is flying on green wings.

What magic denial
shall my life utter
to bring itself forth?

{found in Denise Levertov Selected Poems}

Listening to Loreena McKennitt's The Mask and the Mirror. I'd forgotten about this album - tucked away in a box in my basement, now. All these many years later, still soothing. 

If you have time this morning, there's an article about me in the Edmonton Journal written by the wonderful Elizabeth Withey, here. (I had to switch to Firefox to view the video portion of it).  

Yesterday, I went searching for signs of spring, and in all honesty didn't think I'd find any. How late spring is, here!

Ace and I tramped through the boggy stand of trees near the utility corridor and found all sorts of catkins and leaves. It will be some days before the trees are flying on green wings but what I did find was quite hopeful.

Quite hopeful, indeed....


  1. Catkins are all the rage lately, aren't they? We have had a late spring also and those catkins burst open like little silent trumpets heralding the return of warmer weather - explosive! Please excuse my drama, but I have been missing spring and listening to a lot of trumpet music lately.

    1. Beautiful description, Manisha! Thank you!

  2. i could only think of you reading that same incredible poem in a quiet place.
    and yet... when the camera panned to the audience... even in a busy mall...
    it was plain to see... they were listening to your every word.
    especially the lovely woman in a brown coat with a scarf tied at her neck.
    you had them in the palm of your hand. and you had me as well.
    and as to your pictures of budding spring in a winter weary land...
    oh my. there's a quiveringness (i might have just made up that word) about them.
    almost makes you hold your breath for the anticipation of it all!

    1. Ahhh Tammy! You are too kind! So lovely of you......xo

  3. and now...
    i've just read your last post.
    and your very own month of may!!!
    and anniversaries of the best kind!
    here's to ROME! and to birthdays! and book launches!
    and all manner of wonderful things! xoxo

  4. what a really lovely article she wrote about you -- very nicely done. I still love Edmonton, always have. I only left because of my husband's work. When I returned last year to visit my son, I cried when I was driving from the airport to his home -- the sunset slayed me. When I talk of home, I always mean Edmonton.

  5. What a great article! Loved the video. Congrats, Shawna. And thanks for finding some spring for us . . . sigh.


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