Thursday, May 8, 2014

tea song

An excerpt from Lu T'ung's "Song of Tea"

The first bowl moistens my lips and throat.
The second bowl banishes my loneliness and melancholy.
The third bowl penetrates my withered entrails,
finding nothing except a literary core of five thousand scrolls.
The fourth bowl raises a light perspiration,
casting life’s inequities out through my pores.
The fifth bowl purifies my flesh and bones.
The sixth bowl makes me one with the immortal, feathered spirits.
The seventh bowl I need not drink,
feeling only a pure wind rushing beneath my wings.

A rather quiet post this morning. One where we can sip our tea, and perhaps move our chairs into the sun.

I Sat in the Sun

by Jane Hirshfield 

I moved my chair into sun
I sat in the sun
the way hunger is moved when called fasting.

And maybe take a moment to imagine all the lives that live inside us......

Like the Small Hole by the Path-Side Something Lives In

by Jane Hirshfield

Like the small hole by the path-side something lives in,
in me are lives I do not know the names of,

nor the fates of,
nor the hungers of or what they eat.

They eat of me.
Of small and blemished apples in low fields of me
whose rocky streams and droughts I do not drink.

And in my streets – the narrow ones,
unlabeled on the self-map –
they follow stairs down music ears can’t follow,

and in my tongue borrowed by darkness,
in hours uncounted by the self-clock,
they speak in restless syllables of other losses, other loves.

There too have been the hard extinctions,
missing birds once feasted on and feasting.

There too must be machines
like loud ideas with tungsten bits that grind the day.

A few escape. A mercy.

They leave behind
small holes that something unweighed by the self-scale lives in.


  1. this post...
    particularly enchanting.
    first the tea! so beautiful. fulfilling my idea of tea. and it's the 'idea' of tea that i like.
    i don't really like tea. but this tea... methinks would go down perhaps like a magic potion.
    and thank you.
    i will move my chair into the sun!
    still dreamily walking through your book... 'calm things.'
    ... speaking of a certain magic! yes!

    1. Tammy - can't tell you how glad I am that you're liking the book :)


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