Friday, June 13, 2014

a poet is one who believes

Who Is a Poet

by Tadeusz Rozewicz

a poet is one who writes verses
and one who does not write verses
a poet is one who throws off fetters
and one who puts fetters on himself

a poet is one who believes
and one who cannot bring himself to believe

a poet is one who has told lies
and one who has been told lies

one who has been inclined to fall
and one who raises himself

a poet is one who tries to leave
and one who cannot leave

- read more about Rozewicz here

Last night before bed, I grabbed The Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry off my bookshelf and read this poem and that one, including the one above. It really is a very good collection - I've popped it up on my recommended shelf.

So, this morning I want to tell you about Crated - a new site where photographers can share their images, build community, and best of all, sell their images. I've created a gallery for some of my favourite images from the last few years and will no doubt be adding more. They're priced quite nicely. I've put the crated logo on the sidebar of this page so that you can click through there. Would really love it if you'd take a look.

The world has lately burst into colour.....

Today I'm very much feeling the contradictions in the Rozewicz poem. A poet is one who tries to leave and one who cannot leave....

My poet/writer angst is at very high levels. I keep telling myself it will pass. It will pass, right? To tell the truth, I'm not so sure it will pass. Maybe this is a good thing.

In the meantime. Blossoms. Those blessings.

Have a splendid weekend everyone!

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