Wednesday, June 18, 2014

things i didn't know i loved

Three more for my recurring bird collection on Flickr.

And next, a book in the garden. This is the Vintage Book of Contemporary World Poetry opened to a poem by Nazim Hikmet, "Things I Didn't Know I Loved." You can read the poem here and his bio here. 

Next, a Mary Oliver poem. Because sometimes you just need to start your morning so.

Work, Sometimes

by Mary Oliver

I was sad all day, and why not. There I was, books piled
on both sides of the table, paper stacked up, words
falling off my tongue.

The robins had been a long time singing, and now it
was beginning to rain.

What are we sure of? Happiness isn’t a town on a map,
or an early arrival, or a job well done, but good work
ongoing. Which is not likely to be the trifling around
with a poem.

Then it began raining hard, and the flowers in the yard
were full of lively fragrance.

You have had days like this, no doubt. And wasn’t it
wonderful, finally, to leave the room? Ah, what a

As for myself, I swung the door open. And there was
the wordless, singing world. And I ran for my life.

These are my reminders for today - to ask myself what it is I love. To remember that happiness is the work ongoing, the fragrance of the flowers in the yard.

The scent of three varieties of lilac in my yard intermingling.....

The dappled light of late spring. The green world.

Also this: to remind myself to swing the door open. To go through.


  1. Go through that open door and run for my life even if that just takes me to the edge of my postage stamp yard. Thank you. I find your poetry collections and photos to be very inspiring and thought-provoking. Truthfully, I find myself wanting to expand upon the thoughts you articulate to see how they play out in my own mind and writing.

  2. Manisha, I'm thrilled that my ramblings could act as a spring board fro your own ideas and writing. Lovely.


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