Wednesday, July 30, 2014

between toss and turn

Four A.M. 

by Wislawa Szymborska

The hour between night and day.
The hour between toss and turn.
The hour of thirty-year-olds.

The hour swept clean for roosters' crowing.
The hour when the earth takes back its warm embrace.
The hour of cool drafts from extinguished stars.
The hour of do-we-vanish-too-without-a-trace.

Empty hour.
Hollow. Vain.
Rock bottom of all the other hours.

No one feels fine at four a.m.
If ants feel fine at four a.m.,
we're happy for the ants. And let five a.m. come
if we've got to go on living.

I knew there would be a moment eventually, where it would be appropriate to post the Szymborska poem about insomnia. It was pretty much like that for me last night.

And because there has been so much sadness in the news lately, this:

The Good News

by Thich Nhat Hanh

They don't publish
the good news.
The good news is published
by us.
We have a special edition every moment,
and we need you to read it.
The good news is that you are alive,
and the linden tree is still there,
standing firm in the harsh Winter.
The good news is that you have wonderful eyes
to touch the blue sky.
The good news is that your child is there before you,
and your arms are available:
hugging is possible.
They only print what is wrong.
Look at each of our special editions.
We always offer the things that are not wrong.
We want you to benefit from them
and help protect them.
The dandelion is there by the sidewalk,
smiling its wondrous smile,
singing the song of eternity.
Listen! You have ears that can hear it.
Bow your head.
Listen to it.
Leave behind the world of sorrow
and preoccupation
and get free.
The latest good news
is that you can do it.

More good news. The light has changed again, lower, dreamier, nearly August light.

For those of you who are fans of my set of 'recurring bird' photos, I've added a few more over on Flickr.

Enjoying this song:

And lastly,

Between living and dream
there is a third way.
Guess it. 

- Antonio Machado


  1. Sorry to hear about your (ongoing) insomnia, I've been there, too. i'm so glad though, that the fog of sleep deprivation hasn't clouded your camera lens and choice of truly wonderful poetry today :) A beautiful post. xoxo

    1. Thanks dear Leigh. Luckily, more sleep last night. Makes the world of difference, doesn't it?

  2. Just a little suggestion, insomnia can be caused by low blood sugar. It sounds crazy but if you have a small bowl of cereal, or a cookie and try to get back to sleep it may work. I was pretty amazed when this worked for me and for a friend of mine who had suffered with his insomnia for so long. Thank you again for your lovely site! I love every post, every word.


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