Monday, July 21, 2014

everything ahead of me

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” 

- Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Against Travel

by Charles Tomlinson

These days are best when one goes nowhere,
The house a reservoir of quiet change,
The creak of furniture, the window panes
Brushed by the half-rhymes of activities
That do not quite declare what thing it was
Gave rise to them outside. The colours, even,
Accord with the tenor of the day—yes, ‘grey’
You will hear reported of the weather,
But what a grey, in which the tinges hover,
About to catch, although they still hold back
The blaze that's in them should the sun appear,
And yet it does not. Then the window pane
With a tremor of glass acknowledges
The distant boom of a departing plane.

- read more by Tomlinson here

On the weekend we drove from Edmonton to Calgary to see some old friends, which was really lovely and uplifting. Nothing like the company of good people to bolster one's spirits.

It's a good time of year to make the drive because there are all sorts of crops, lush greens and vibrant yellow. The trouble with the highway is that there isn't really the possibility to safely pull over to the side and take photographs. There are a few rest stops, but they're never near anything picturesque. On the way we were able to stop once - and took a few photos of grey sky and canola field.

The following photos were taken on the way home, through the changing weather, and driving at 110 km. So, not the best or steadiest photos.

We started out with blue skies.

Soon the clouds started rolling in.

For a while we drove in misty rain.

What I really wanted to get was a proper shot of cows, or horses.......but there was nowhere to stop. If you look at this last set of photos closely, you can see the blur. Still, they give an idea of the landscape.

And the last leg of the trip was a torrential downpour.

I'm normally quite the stay-at-home person, but it was good to get out on the road, to do something a little different for a day. To feel, for a span, that everything is ahead of me.


  1. You are good at shooting from the car! These are glorious images, all the wide open space, the colors and the incredible clouds..oh, and the cows too. So much ahead of you, for sure.


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