Friday, August 29, 2014

in the direction of the divine

That to have the eyes of an artist,
That can be enough,
The ear of a poet,
That can be enough.
The soul of a human
just pointed
in the direction of the divine,
that can be more than enough.
I tell you this to remind myself.
Every gesture is an act of creation.
Even empty spaces and silence
can be the wings and voices of angels.

- Michele Linfante

{Source: Alive on All Channels}

A short Friday morning post to wish you a good weekend. A while back I bought a new bonsai to go with the others. Cleaned up my kitchen, made space. Still looking for clarity, wanting to pare things down, de-clutter. (I know it's a bit laughable that in paring down, I had to buy something....).

Also, revisiting the word, 'enough.' Re-evaluating what this is.

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