Thursday, August 7, 2014

the bones of your heart

Visible World

by Richard Siken

Sunlight pouring across your skin, your shadow
                                                  flat on the wall.
The dawn was breaking the bones of your heart like twigs.

You had not expected this,
                 the bedroom gone white, the astronomical light
                                               pummeling you in a stream of fists.
You raised your hand to your face as if

             to hide it, the pink fingers gone gold as the light
streamed straight to the bone,
   as if you were the small room closed in glass
                                     with every speck of dust illuminated.

    The light is no mystery,
the mystery is that there is something to keep the light
                                                      from passing through.

I wish I had a photograph of the light in my bedroom coming through the curtains, just as I was waking up earlier this morning.

Instead, one last sip of matcha tea for the week, some panda pocky.

I'll be taking a blog-break next week. I'm off from work on holidays / stay-cation, and, good news, the edits for my 'purse and handbag' novel have arrived. Fabulous timing, I couldn't be more thrilled. Of course, it's going to be a pretty intense week. I'm not naive enough to think I'll even come close to finishing them, but I'm going to see how far I get. Most importantly, I'll have the week to re-immerse myself in the story. First step, come up with a new title. My working title has been "I.s." which are the initials of the main character, Ingrid-Simone. So, I think this will become one of the section headings, instead, and something more catchy will go in place. "What to Carry" was one of the editor's suggestions, as was "Tiny Purses." Thoughts? :)  I'm also considering, "Ingrid-Simone." Though, I sort of want to indicate the purse theme in the title.....

Well, the title will likely be the most difficult bit in all of this. It does have to be perfect.

See you back here on the 18th of August.

In the meantime, may you see the poetry in your days and in those you encounter.



  1. 'What to Carry' has an element of mystery: what? what is the most important thing? and 'Tiny Purses' evokes several possible scenarios: nightclubs, poverty, and little girls with their first purses all come to mind. (Also, for some reason, the song "Tiny Bubbles.") Maybe stock up on champagne to reward yourself after your hard work with revisions.

  2. Well, purse and handbag is something I'd like for a title. Plain and nice. Have a good week. I' looking forward to your next post. As I do every day.

  3. now you have me thinking of that children's book..Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes and that old James Brown song, but with a twist - Ingrid's Got a Brand New Bag :) Have a fabulous week, Shawna!

  4. It's a purse thing!! LOL!! I couldn't help myself.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Much appreciated. Some good suggestions! :) Will keep you posted xo S.

  6. Beautiful light and of luck with novel, congratulations :)

  7. I hope your week off has been satisfying if not overwhelmingly fruitful. I like the sound of Tiny Purses but, not having read your drafts, don't know if this title connects to its contents within. I like the word purse, it makes me think of something held tight, something that holds its insides safe, holds things together... pursed lips...tension... drawn together... In any case, I am sure you will come out with the best option. Wishing you a lovely week back at work. xo


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