Monday, August 4, 2014

through it all

“I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow; but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.”

- Agatha Christie

“But surely for everything you love you have to pay some price.”

- Agatha Christie

Why We Must Struggle

by Kay Ryan

If we have not struggled
as hard as we can
at our strongest
how will we sense
the shape of our losses
or know what sustains
us longest or name
what change costs us
saying how strange
it is that one sector
of the self can step in
for another in trouble,
how loss activates
a latent double, how
we can feed
as upon nectar
upon need?

If you've decided at some point in your life to become a writer, you know there is struggle.

In her very useful book, Breathing the Page, Betsy Warland writes about 'sheer tenacity.'

"Sheer, meaning from the state of mere to almost nothingness, so that we do not get in the way of each narratives's specific requirements. Tenacity, referring to the state of irreducible devotion to the act of writing itself."

I consider myself lucky that I am perhaps predisposed toward sorrow, despair. And where writing is concerned, tenacious. Persistent.

Of course there is a price to pay. Of course we are changed by it. Of course, wild despair. Periods of debilitating misery.

But then also, the acute understanding of how grand it is to be alive. That.

And of course, my random photographs, which have nothing to do with the words here. That will happen.

So a few days ago, I remembered that there is an Asian supermarket nearby. (Don't ask me how it's possible to forget these things, but it is). I've been wanting buckwheat or soba noodles.....impossible to find in the regular grocery stores, here. At T & T there is half a row of soba noodles to choose from. Also, shrimp crackers. Excellent invention.

And lastly, tea. Jasmine tea. My go-to tea. My calm tea.


  1. I like very much your close-up of the food, with the dark background across the top and the bright triangle on the lower right... and the veggies look great!

  2. Thought of you when I read this post this morning...
    (Run the mouse over the images to see quotes)

    1. A lovely blog - thanks for the link. Very nice.


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