Thursday, September 25, 2014

every day has to be productive

- via The Paris Review, an interview with Italo Calvino:

"Thoughts Before an Interview 
Every morning I tell myself, Today has to be productive—and then something happens that prevents me from writing. Today . . . what is there that I have to do today? Oh yes, they are supposed to come interview me. I am afraid my novel will not move one single step forward. Something always happens. Each morning I already know I will be able to waste the whole day. There is always something to do: go to the bank, the post office, pay some bills . . . always some bureaucratic tangle I have to deal with. While I am out I also do errands such as the daily shopping: buying bread, meat, or fruit. First thing, I buy newspapers. Once one has bought them, one starts reading as soon as one is back home—or at least looking at the headlines to persuade oneself that there is nothing worth reading. Every day I tell myself that reading newspapers is a waste of time, but then . . . I cannot do without them. They are like a drug. In short, only in the afternoon do I sit at my desk, which is always submerged in letters that have been awaiting answers for I do not even know how long, and that is another obstacle to be overcome."

This is how it is. Every day I tell myself, I need to be more productive. And then someone writes an email I need to respond to right away or posts a news story on Facebook that I have to read. And now it's Facebook that's like a drug. In the afternoon, I'll have to go to Save-On Foods and buy ingredients for tonight's dinner. Though first I might need to look on Pinterest for a recipe. And then there are the days when I work at the library. Impossible to stick to any sort of schedule.

So yes, this is true. And yet, Calvino wrote every afternoon, quite religiously by the sounds of it. I give myself imaginary deadlines or maybe they appear and I concede to them. One must write or disappear to oneself. To write, one must find a way to escape life, which is like a drug, too.

And yet more of the photos from the weekend, when the light was just so.

And a day ahead for me, at home, to write. This need to be productive today.....


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