Thursday, September 18, 2014

low budget movie

it's the damnedest
you've ever
in it -

low budget
4 billion

and the longest
you ever hope


- Charles Bukowski
(excerpt) from Show Biz

Well, I sometimes think of this blog as my low budget movie. And, today, this is the part about living in the suburbs. 

One day I'd like to splice together every single photograph I've posted here and on Flickr and those that I have on Getty images, too. I wonder what they'd all say, together, like that. 

The trees are starting to turn.

This bike has been propped up against the sign in the dry pond for a few days now. Probably stolen, and then abandoned. 

The stand of trees in the utility corridor is beginning to turn as well.

One morning, feeling awful for this reason or that, I went into the little suburban forest nearby. Searching for cups of light. I photographed leaves for about half an hour, and then felt more like myself. 

Most of the photographs were rubbish and I deleted them. But there were a few I don't mind.

I lavished a fair bit of attention on this next leaf. The bottom leaf was spinning around on a thread and the light was catching it beautifully as it spun. It was very small, and moving and the light around us (the dog, myself, the leaf) was quite dim. After many tries, I thought I'd captured something. But when I got back home, the focus wasn't quite right in any of them. And the colour was so jarring. So I ended up cropping the image a fair bit, and going with black and white.

On the walk back home, I shot some photos of a vine that had spilled over someone's fence.

The sky seems extra blue at this time of year.

And lastly, back home, the apple trees in our back yard. 


  1. I like blogs where I can have some rest. Thanks!
    All the best, Éva from Hungary

    1. Lovely of you to drop in. Thanks, Eva.

    2. It is peaceful here, isn't it? Different from the hectic chaos that always seems to be my life. Very restful and always beautiful.

  2. Time to make apple sauce, Shawna! Thanks for the lovely walk in the woods . . . I think the leaves seem late turning this year. . . is it just me?


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