Monday, September 8, 2014

with a crash of cymbals

Blake's Sunflower 

by Elizabeth Smart


Why did Blake say
'Sunflower weary of time'?
Every time I see them
they seem to say
Now! with a crash
of cymbals!
Very pleased
and positive
and absolutely delighting
in their own round brightness.


Sorry, Blake!
Now I see what you mean.
Storms and frost have battered
their bright delight
and though they are still upright
nothing could say dejection
more than their weary
hanging heads.

The Blake poem she refers to here.

Appropriate, I suppose to concentrate on sunflowers on a morning when it's snowing. Rob let the dog out and exclaimed, so I had to see for myself. It's melting when it hits the ground, but definitely coming down as snow at 6am.

So we'll see what happens to the 'bright delight' of the sunflowers. I'm glad I took some time to capture them before I went to work early Saturday morning.

Some of the shots are a bit psychedelic - the result of shooting into the sun. (Not necessarily good for the sensor of the camera, it is to be noted).

The dark red sunflowers were really leaning hard toward the sun. You could see them give their all.

The yellow sunflower, a bit heavier, more demure. Still, you can hear the crash of cymbals, feel the Now! of them that Elizabeth Smart speaks of.

I had such difficulty trying to pick a favourite from all these shots, but I think the next one may be 'the one.'

But then, this one. Also a favourite.

Can't real have a sunflower-filled post without mentioning the Sunflower Sutra, can we?

"Unholy battered old thing you were, my sunflower O my soul, I loved you then!"

- Allen Ginsberg, from Sunflower Sutra

Certainly, after the snow this morning, I'll be addressing the poor things differently. We shall see how battered....


  1. I love them all, but especially the red new fondness for red is coming out of the blue...

  2. I love that you're celebrating snow! in summer...

  3. So beautiful! they ask to be painted :-)

  4. Thanks everyone - the snow photos coming soon :)

  5. These sunflowers are beyond words. So glad you caught them here like this before the snow.


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