Wednesday, September 24, 2014

words to keep you from harm

A Morning Takes Shape

by Tanikawa Shuntaro

What has tormented my mind since last evening
appeared in a dream like an endless barren land
Somewhere in the dream my alarm clock rang
My dog was wagging his tail beyond the glass doors
The sunlight shot sideways at a glass on the table
There it was, it was morning

The morning was bright that day, too
Its light bared me to all the corners of my soul
frighteningly clearly
I could no longer fool myself
I said, "Good morning!"
I felt the words keep me from harm

The morning was there
Cold water rushed out of the faucet
The smell of miso soup filled the room
People were intent on walking in all the walks of the country
I saw the morning take shape
surer than happiness, brighter than hope

- translated by Takako U. Lento, from The Art of Being Alone

These words that come out of a dream and keep you from harm: good morning!

If you wake up, and are able to utter, good morning, then isn't that something?

The light in the mornings lately is quite extraordinary.

These photographs all from the weekend, when my hand model was available. I have to admit, I'm in love with all of these.

And next, because it's the middle of the work week, I feel like a blessing is needed:

May the light of your soul guide you

by John O’Donohue

May the light of your soul guide you.
May the light of your soul bless the work
You do with the secret love and warmth of your heart.
May you see in what you do the beauty of your own soul.
May the sacredness of your work bring healing, light and renewal to those
Who work with you and to those who see and receive your work.
May your work never weary you.
May it release within you wellsprings of refreshment, inspiration and excitement.
May you be present in what you do.
May you never become lost in the bland absences.
May the day never burden you.
May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams,
Possibilities and promises.
May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.
May you go into the night blessed, sheltered and protected.
May your soul calm, console and renew you.

Though I never knew him, and he passed before I'd discovered his work, I still feel a terrible loss whenever I read John O'Donohue's work, and know there will be no more. If you want to hear his voice, go here.

This is a reminder, though, to writers, that your readers will never feel they've had enough of your work. A reminder to keep writing it for this reason, alone. For that one reader. For me.

May the words, good morning, keep you from harm.

May the light of your soul bless your work and keep you calm.

May you wake up from dreams and walk into the beauty of the world and see possibilities.

(Well, you see that John O'Donohue is better at blessing than I am, but I always come back to what he says in his book of blessings, that anyone can bless).

"Whenever one person takes another into the care of their heart, they have the power to bless."

"When you bless someone, you literally call the force of their infinite self into action."

He also reminds us, that kindness is a form of blessing. Which is a thought I like to hold.


  1. Ahh, this post is a most beautiful gift, thank you and bless you! (and your lovely hand model too) :)


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