Monday, October 13, 2014

light within

Was it light?
Was it light within?
Was it light within light?
Stillness becoming alive,
Yet still?

A lively understandable spirit
Once entertained you.
It will come again.
Be still.

- Theodore Roethke

There is a Light in Me

by Anna Swir

Whether in daytime or in nighttime
I always carry inside
a light.
In the middle of noise and turmoil
I carry silence.
I carry light and silence.

Since reading an article by a former esteemed professor of mine on CBC Books, Greg Hollingshead, I've been thinking again about home. And maybe this is also because of the wandering I recently did in Toronto, myself. When you travel somewhere, even if only for a few days, you can't help but imagine, could I live here?

And Toronto is pretty beautiful. The city where I'm from, Edmonton, now that's a city where people leave as soon as they have a degree under their belt. When I was young I remember everyone I knew was talking about where they were hoping to go after university. And many of them did leave, it wasn't all just talk.

We've talked a lot about our two year plan and our five year plan, Rob and I, lately. About living differently, smarter, more affordably. About where we could go. But I've also been thinking about how if we were elsewhere I'd probably always feel out of sync. The light would never be quite right, you know?

And oh, this October light.....

So I leave you with the light in my yard, in the hour after dinner, a few days ago.

And if you have the inclination, here's a video from yesterday afternoon.

A cool new project / site by Ray Hsu on which I'm featured. Readerby.

Lastly, please check out a new series of paintings Rob has been working on, titled Ex Libris.


  1. All just gorgeous Shawna. xx

  2. Thank you, Shawna! I am writing about light for an article and this post warms my heart~

    1. Very cool! If it's linkable, would love to see it when you're done. :)

  3. what truly beautiful images Shawna. And I know what you mean when you talk about Edmonton's October light. I returned to Edmonton last year at the end of October. When I landed at the airport, got a car and began to drive to Sherwood Park, the sun was setting. As I was on the Anthony Henday Drive I had to pull over. I was in tears. It completely overwhelmed me.

    1. Thx Diane. I live on the other end of the Henday.....the light continues to surprise me.

  4. Thank you Shawna, as daylight narrows, the light becomes richer somehow. It's something I've long noticed, but Roethke's line, "light within light" seems to encapsulate it.


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