Wednesday, October 8, 2014

not even remotely the worst thing

A slightly different work day for me today as I'm taking part on a team at my workplace, and this means meeting downtown. So my commute will be a bit earlier, and a bit busier than my usual, but I always look forward to wandering around in the main branch of the library when I can and which I shall do on breaks. 

Thinking of commutes, I've just come across two interesting articles. The first is "Letting Each Other In" and the second is "How You Can Find Happiness in Traffic." From the second article:

"I don't want to be unhappy when I have a choice to be happy. Perhaps it's that I'm calm by nature or that I've been through a series of life events at young age to know traffic is not the worst thing that can happen in life. It is not even remotely the worst thing that can happen in my day."

How you are in traffic is how you are in life? Would that work? I think it's probably true enough. Although, admittedly, I don't have to face a regular busy commute. I work three days a week, and my shifts begin at odd hours, not the typical rush hours.

In keeping with the usual randomness of this blog, two more unconnected photographs. 

I was trying for something more abstract with these. The light coming through the blinds and striking the walls, small bird knick-knack, typewriter. The shadows. All of these were pleasing to me. And a bit different from my usual. Which felt good. 


  1. hahaha, my husband was trapped in an awful traffic jam yesterday.... let's just say he wasn't happy. I like that thought, getting upset rarely improves the quality of anything so why waste the energy? I can say that though - I don't drive in traffic ;) Love the graininess of the last photo!

    1. Me too - easy to talk about being calm in traffic when I rarely have to contend with it :) But still, it's good to think about.


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