Monday, November 24, 2014

all that is glorious

All That Is Glorious Around Us

by Barbara Crooker

is not, for me, these grand vistas, sublime peaks, mist-filled
overlooks, towering clouds, but doing errands on a day
of driving rain, staying dry inside the silver skin of the car,
160,000 miles, still running just fine. Or later,
sitting in a café warmed by the steam
from white chicken chili, two cups of dark coffee,
watching the red and gold leaves race down the street,
confetti from autumn's bright parade. And I think
of how my mother struggles to breathe, how few good days
she has now, how we never think about the glories
of breath, oxygen cascading down our throats to the lungs,
simple as the journey of water over a rock. It is the nature
of stone / to be satisfied / writes Mary Oliver, It is the nature
of water / to want to be somewhere else, rushing down
a rocky tor or high escarpment, the panoramic landscape
boundless behind it. But everything glorious is around
us already: black and blue graffiti shining in the rain's
bright glaze, the small rainbows of oil on the pavement,
where the last car to park has left its mark on the glistening
street, this radiant world.


And it's true that all that is glorious is not just the grand vistas and sublime peaks. But we enjoyed them all the same this past weekend as we made a quick road trip to Banff for the annual art show at Canada House Gallery. We left early the next morning since we invariably wake up at 6am, weekend or not. It was still dark when we drove out of town, and both of us just wanted to be back home. I'd wanted to take photos around town, but gave that idea up. And honestly, I wasn't expecting much, maybe a click or two as we drove through the park. But then the sun rose, and holy. The colours!

I say yes to the radiance of the every day, to the glories of breath, but I also say yes to the sunrise in the rocky mountains, as we drove through, back home to those we love, and to our simple and rather happily dull existence.

The light all around was glorious and changed so quickly. I won't even try to describe the experience but will leave you with the photos, which admittedly, are abundant. 


  1. You are the only person who can make me yearn for the mountains. I simply don't, being a prairie gal. But your photos make me want to go.

    1. I never used to yearn for them either, but now it's at least once a year :)

  2. Wow, these photos are just stunning. Sublime, magnificent! Scenery to humble us. :)

    1. The mountains have a way of putting everything in perspective for me. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  3. Oh my, Shawna, these images are truly breathtaking. I have been away from blog reading lately and have much to catch up on...don't want to miss any of your beautiful posts. I will be back!

  4. What a gift you were given that morning. Thank you for sharing your gift for gathering these miracles. It's a mitzvah.

  5. Thank you for these photos. What a good mood they have put me in.


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