Tuesday, November 11, 2014

an in-between time

It Was Beginning Winter

by Theodore Roethke

It was beginning winter.
An in-between time.
The landscape still partly brown:
The bones of weeds kept swinging in the wind,
Above the blue snow.

It was beginning winter.
The light moved slowly over the frozen field,
Over the dry seed-crowns,
The beautiful surviving bones
Swinging in the wind.

Light traveled over the wide field;
The weeds stopped swinging.
The wind moved, not alone,
Through the clear air, in the silence.

And last night there was more snow, so we can be sure there will be no going back now. Even the bones of weeds will be less apparent this morning.

We never did finish our yard clean-up. I'm glad for the weary bones of the sunflowers.

In the field nearby, the weeds wear the snow like a fashion accessory.

The red berries will soon be the only colour we see for the season.

The snow reveals though, even as it conceals. 

Lastly, Mary Oliver reads "Wild Geese" - a familiar poem to many but which might be nice to listen to as you scroll through the remaining photos. 


  1. If only I had half the photography skills you have, Shawna! Yes we are very much in an in-between time and I think there's something really special about that pause, you've captured it beautifully here today. xo p.s. Mary Oliver is always a treat, this is one of my favourites!

    1. You're too kind! Plus - your photos are wonderful. xo

  2. I'm impressed that you've gotten out there to capture images of the snow. Here in Minnesota the snow came just yesterday and now it's here to stay. I haven't been out yet with my camera. I keep going back to my photos of Autumn. Denial for just a few more days? I'll take it.

    1. I totally get the denial :) For here, the snow was I think it came as a bit of a relief in some weird way! I have to admit I spent some time one day looking at my summer photos.....

  3. Living in Québec City, we would normally have snow before you, Shawna. Sadly, not this year! The temperatures are cold enough, but instead we have been getting rain - cold, damp, feel it right to the bones November rain. The kind that's been calling me to stay in my pyjamas all day, curled up with several cups of tea and reading Mary Oliver's A Poetry Handbook! I'm still relatively new to written poetry that I thought I should start at the beginning :-) Thank you, Shawna for your daily inspiration. I love visiting you!


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