Monday, December 1, 2014

new colours, sights, beauties

So I finally got my hands on the lovely little book by Pico Iyer titled, The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere. You will find it on the recommended shelf above.

In it he talks about how the monk Matthieu Ricard, on a retreat "in a cabin on top of a mountain in Nepal for the better part of a year" would take a picture "of what lay beyond his front door. The same view, more or less, but as it changed with clouds or rain, in winter or in spring, and as the moods of the man behind the lens changed."

The resulting book from this exercise, says Iyer, is "an investigation into how everything changes and doesn't change at all - how the same place looks different even as you're not really going anywhere." He ends by saying:

"But what made it most haunting was that, at heart, it was a description of an inner landscape. This is what your mind - your life - looks like when you're going nowhere. Always full of new colours, sights, and beauties; always, more or less, unaltered."

For those of you who have followed my 'recurring bird' series on Flickr, you know that this is pretty much music to my ears. I recently posted my 150th bird.

It's a lovely book, very short. Would make a nice present, I think.

Well. I'm not going anywhere. The same path, the same photos, only with some fresh snow! And yet, as the first photo illustrates, yes: unlimited. (Thanks Yogi Tea people for that).

Ace is fine covering the same ground, just fine.

I suppose this is the time of year I should be dreaming of Hawaii, or somewhere warm. But we're here, and I think there is much to be said for this adventure of going nowhere, going inward. Much to be said for wintering.

And just a few more photos to give you an idea of how much snow has fallen here in the last couple of days. The usual sunflowers, usual backyard :)


  1. thanks for reminding me about Matthieu Ricard, whose research into the effect of meditation on the brain has had a beneficial influence on my life

    1. Thx Lindy! Yes, he's a cool guy. I like his work on happiness, too.

  2. Agreed, so much to be said :) xo


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