Thursday, January 15, 2015

unexpected beauty


by Linda Gregg

All that is uncared for.
Left alone in the stillness
in that pure silence married
to the stillness of nature.
A door off its hinges,
shade and shadows in an empty room.
Leaks for light. Raw where
the tin roof rusted through.
The rustle of weeds in their
different kinds of air in the mornings,
year after year.
A pecan tree, and the house
made out of mud bricks. Accurate
and unexpected beauty, rattling
and singing. If not to the sun,
then to nothing and to no one.

This is how beauty often is - unexpected, offering itself up to the sun, or the falling snow, or to no one.

There it is in the snow collecting in my Tibetan prayer flags, those that have been set awry by the wind.

There it is on the bells, small accumulations of snow resembling hats.

And in the shadows cast on winter walls, fleeting and mysterious.


  1. Much elegance and unexpected beauty in your surroundings here and how beautifully you've captured all of it.

  2. Oh goodness, so true. I share a similar draw to those shadows cast from the winter sun. xo

  3. I'm drawn to that first photo which seems to be full of quiet action. When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be another lovely photo of you and that lovely painting. ;)


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