Monday, October 3, 2016

the new thing

Darlings, I'm here to tell you about my latest 'thing' as I keep mysteriously calling it when talking to friends. Only Rob and a couple of close friends have taken a look but I want to share it with you today. I'm nervous, I'll admit it. Remember last week, I was talking about experiencing new things, and devoting 15 minutes a day to whatever it is you're hoping to learn about or try. Well, I've long been wanting to try a new blog format and this past week I've put a new blog together. It's called, Transactions with Beauty. It's going to be a lot like Calm Things but will be in smaller posts, more frequently. Right now I'm aiming for three posts per week, but it's going to be flexible.

Of course, right now it's very much a work in progress, so thanks for bearing with me while I figure out how the new site and template work.

You can subscribe, or just check in when you have time. Check out the menu in the top left hand corner and peruse the posts from this past week. As a regular reader of CT, some of it will seem familiar. But I hope, as the weeks go on, to create a lot of uplifting new content. Wish me luck, and stay tuned. Thank you for all your comments and love for Calm Things over the years. I think you'll see that the spirit of it will continue in this latest endeavour.

Much love and thanks,

ps. I'll be making a Facebook and Twitter page this morning (stay tuned) for TWB which you'll be able to find and follow by clicking on the icons in the top right hand corner.


  1. wow! this is beautiful! I'm so excited to follow along and watch this new path unfold. Thanks for sharing and for inspiring!

  2. Oh! How exciting! It's going to beautiful! Actually, it would appear that everything you touch does! XO

  3. Yes yes yes! And finally the donate button! Thank you Shawna for this new project of yours which will continue to uplift my spirit!

  4. Beautiful, this and that. And the requirement - brava! I do.

  5. Oooh, I'm excited and will definitely follow along!

  6. Thanks everyone! It's going to be interesting - thanks for being there for me.

  7. This is bound to work well for you Shawna -- it's right up your alley ;-)
    Wishing you all kinds of positive moves as you move forward. See you over there.


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